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Who Should Lead Us, Politicians Or Professionals?

Listen To actualize benefits of the new constitution, Kenyans must have good leaders. But what is a good leader? To develop counties, we are told to forget politicians and get professionals, our newest version of good leaders. But are politicians inherently bad and professionals good? In themselves, politics and professions are innocent, only men corrupt […]

Tanzania-USA Bilateral Relations

Listen Tanzania and United States of America (USA) enjoy good cooperation and collaboration in various fields of development over the years. The administrations of the two countries through their respective foreign affairs ministries link very well and promote their common interests for the mutual benefit of their citizens. The USA president Barack Obama and his […]

Will Somalia President Sharif’s PM choice antagonize Puntland?

Listen By Hanad Haidar: One of Somalia’s newspapers has reported that H.E. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed will appoint a new Prime Minister this week. According to Mogadishu Times, in article dated 6 October 2010, the new Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) will be Mr. Saa’id Farah “Shirdon” – a relatively unknown politician from […]

Brazil’s radical policy shift embraces Africa

Listen Brazil, a Latin American country, is vigorously establishing trading partners, viable sources of investment and a route to strengthen its policy options in Africa. It has so far engaged 25 African countries and is geared towards strengthening diplomatic relations in those countries. Brazil in the last ten years has made diplomatic inroads in the […]

East African Community: USA accredited Envoy to the Community

Listen The United States of America (USA) supports the implementation of regional policies in Africa that promote the well-being and advancement of the peoples of various regional economic blocs such as the East African Community. In that respect, it has therefore accredited Mr. Alfonso Lenhard, the USA Ambassador to Dar-es-Salaam, as the USA envoy to […]

Rwanda’s Elections: Strong economic growth earned Kagame clear victory

Listen Kagame’s clear victory in the recent concluded Rwanda’s elections was due to improved and sustained economic growth after 1994 genocide in which more than 800, 000 were killed in a violence which lasted for about three months. Analysts argue that since 2001, Rwanda has registered 6.4 per cent growth and this economic achievement enabled […]

China’s economic success story worth being emulated in Africa

Listen China’s economic growth in the last two decades has overtaken the Asian Tigers and most analysts agree that its continuity would enable China to overcome the USA as world’s biggest economy by 2040. The Chinese success in economic affairs and management is partly due to their pulling together in the same direction, hardwork, identity, […]

Kenya: Chiefs are necessary in the management of public affairs

Listen Most Kenyans hate the provincial administration today in reference to their colonial history. The provincial commissioners, district commissioners, district officers and chiefs were used   by Kenya’s post-independence government to manage the people in both urban and rural areas. Now with the new constitution in place, some Kenyans are of the view that the provincial […]

Negative ethnicity is the dragon that Kenyans must slay or perish

Listen As Kenya implements the new Constitution and constructs majimbo politics, economies and cultures which we cannot embrace and simultaneously reject ethnic divisions, negative ethnicity is the dragon we must slay or perish. To extricate ourselves from the grip of negative ethnicity, we must not only understand how it misrules us, but also how it […]

Squabbles will derail the so much anticipated Kenya constitutional benefits

Listen I recall my article during the run-up to the referendum elections that we should not pursue the constitution as an end in itself and to some extend chest thumb for some; we now have the evident aftermath that is justified by the current political squabbles among the leaders. The emerging evidence is that the […]