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Publishing Policies

application essay editingALSHAHID welcomes your news, articles, studies, reports, features and cultural, intellectual, creative materials, and invites you to interact with the published materials to enrich the site with your comments and ideas. We will work on publishing them in case of compliance with our policy of publishing.

Terms of sending articles to ALSHAHID:

  • Articles should be written in a correct language, free of grammatical, spelling and typing errors.
  • Article should be in one of three languages, English, Arabic and Somali. Each will be published in its respective site.
  • it is preferable to concentrate on the general topics of interest to the largest possible segment of readers that keep pace with the political, social and cultural events.
  • Articles should be enclosed with explicit name of the writer and his brief contact. A personal photograph of the writer is preferable.
  • Need to refer to sources and references used in the research and studies.
  • Articles should be sent in MS word format (.DOC) for documents and texts. In the case of images they should be in JPG format with appropriate resolution (preferably 72 pixel/inch) as well as the appropriate size to receive via e-mail.

Publishing policy:

  • Articles published in ALSHAHID reflect the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the view of ALSHAHID.
  • ALSHAHID site management apologize in advance for the publication of any material that reflects intolerance or blind bias to class or sect or religion or offend them, or give rise to disputes, tribal, regional and sectarian strife, or harm to the religions and the divine books and the almighty God or containing words and pictures which are contrary to the ethics and morality, or include any form of defamation, threats and verbal violence.
  • ALSHAHID site management apologizes for publishing any written or pictorial material in violation of the law.
  • Management of the site is committed to publish all submitted materials given they apply to the policies, however, the timing and place of publication are subject to the professional and technical considerations.
  • Management of the site does not pay cash compensation for the material sent to it, whether published or unpublished. However, they may ask some writers in deferent occasions to write specific articles in which they agree to pay for it.
  • ALSHAHID considers that the person submitting any material for publication in ALSHAHID has read these policies or briefed on these requirements.

Publication of the comments policy:
Comments are available to visitors without the need for registration in accordance with the following conditions:

  • Comments must be on published material only.
  • Comments are reviewed by moderator before appearing on the pages of the sites.
  • Comments that contain personal abuse, or insulting the God or monotheistic religions or out of the public morals, or contain any form of defamation, threats and verbal violence will be deleted immediately.
  • Comments that include content that may irritate tribalism, sectarianism or racism will be ignored.
  • ALSHAHID keep the right to manage the site and delete or modify any comment not in line with the policy of publishing.
  • Published comments do not necessarily reflect the opinion or the policy of the management of the site.

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