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Al-Shabaab’s Bloody Attack in Mogadishu

Listen The gruesome attack on the U.N. compound in Mogadishu that killed 18 people has shocked the world. Once the “Breaking News” hit the social media, condemnations, condolences, and blame started pouring. This latest bloody attack couldn’t come at a worst time — when security in Mogadishu was rapidly improving, when the country (especially Mogadishu) […]

Somalia And The Slippery Slope Of ‘Jubbaland’

Listen If the latest development in Somalia gives you the feeling of being trapped in the Twilight Zone—somewhere between relative security and renewed bloodshed—you are not alone. Due to the array of competing internal and external interest groups and the federal government’s lack of clear grand strategy or capacity to assert its authority, the formation […]

Mogadishu, Boston and the ‘Pavlovian Response’

Listen The recent terrorist attacks that took place in Mogadishu and Boston were not just intended to kill and mutilate many civilians, but to create widespread terror, disarray, and insecurity that would last far beyond the initial shock of these bloody events. It goes without saying — anyone who takes part of such acts of […]

Somalia, Side-effect of an Overpriced ‘Panacea’

Listen With its meager financial and human resources, the Federal Republic of Somalia (FRS) has been doing better than a satisfactory job. However, in recent months, it has been profoundly frustrated by various challenges. Chief among them is what I would refer to as the first side-effect of a $60 million “panacea” known as the […]

Ending “Doormat Politics” In Somalia

Listen “More than ever, foreign policy is economic policy. The world is competing for resources and global markets.”   John Kerry Considering the positive trend of the past eighteen months, Somalia is en route to recovery, and, in due course, to re-engineer a better state from the ground up. The caveat being: in the long term, […]

Connecting Dots in the Triangle of Threat

Listen By Abukar Arman Just as the temperature of the ‘security threat’ slowly declines in Somalia, it rises in other parts of East Africa. Elements of mainly political, religious, and clan/ethnic nature continue to shift and create new volatile conditions. Though not entirely interdependent these conditions could create a ripple effect across different borders. Depending […]

Somalia: Breaking Away From Intellectuals’ Legacy of Corruption, Clan and Kleptocracy

Somalia: Breaking Away From Intellectuals’ Legacy of Corruption, Clan and Kleptocracy

Listen Analysis by Abukar Arman Can a new generation of Somali intellectuals fix the mistakes of its predecessors and offer a brighter future for Somalia? ‘Where the lead camel goes, so shall others’. So goes the Somali proverb, describing the tendency of humans to unquestioningly follow those in authority even if such individuals are leading […]

The Corroding ‘Lead Camel’ Effect

Listen As in old caravans ‘Where the lead camel goes, so shall others’. Such goes the Somali proverb, notwithstanding its regional variations and dialectical flavors. The Lead Camel Effect (LCE) describes a syndrome or a common human tendency to blindly follow leaders, role-models, and all those whom authority is attributed to even if such individuals […]

Can Somalia’s Political Discontent Inspire Transformation?

Listen Exhausted by prolonged anarchy, chronic dependency, cancerous corruption, and humiliating subjugation, the Somali people demanded change. Not just change of guards or principled actors, but a total overhaul of the political order of the day. On September 10, 2012, the newly appointed parliament has heeded the call of its citizens and elected Hassan Sheikh […]

Somalia’s Constitution of Ambiguity and Deferment – OpEd

Somalia’s Constitution of Ambiguity and Deferment – OpEd

Listen By Abukar Arman If constitutions are supposed to make boundaries of the government’s legitimate authority over its citizens and state or regional administrations clear, Somalia’s new constitution oddly falls short. While there are some bright provisions in the new constitution, much of it can be aptly described as uncertain assurances and a ‘not now’ […]

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