Kenyan Social awareness musician Queen Jane dies

Nairobi (Alshahid)The queen of Kikuyu inspirational music passed on late Tuesday. Queen Jane whose real name is Jane Nyambura, used her songs to campaign against social ills like piracy and rape, themes many musicians would shun.

Kikuyu is a local vernacular chiefly used in the populous Central Province of Kenya.

“She has been suffering from a long illness and died while undergoing treatment at St Mary’s Hospital in Nairobi,” a close family friend said.

Ms Nyambura was born in Kandara, Muranga, a small town in the Central Province of Kenya, 45 years ago and is survived by her husband Kariuki Mburu.

The late singer has many successful albums to her name that have dominated the local musical scene for over two decades.

Queen Jane is credited with bringing glamour to the Kikuyu music and penetrating the male dominated industry.

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  1. sooooooo sad :( we love you…..your music will leave forever R.I.P. u r the quenn of kikuyu music indeed <3