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Multiple regional and international Interests Killing Somalia

By   /  May 17, 2010  /  2 Comments

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A myriad of regional and international interests are slowly strangling Somalia state keeping it on the verge of collapse to satisfy these foreign selfish motives. One professor at University of Nairobi’s Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies once said in a class of post graduate students that the recipe for trouble in a country is convergence of foreign groups pretending to offer solutions.

Somalia has become a battle field for Western, Arab and African interests. All these groups have followers among citizens of Somalia. These Somalis are the worst enemies to the country’s peace and stability and should be treated as traitors of the majority Somali people.

By virtue of its position Somalia offers the West a vantage point to fight terrorism and by extension the spread of Islam. And because of its culture and religion it has become an easy prey to the whims of the Arab world in its war of cultural supremacy with the Western hegemonies. Equally due to Somalia’s geographical position and colonial border errors, many neighbouring African states have refused to let Somalia have peace and prosper for fear of encouraging separatist movements.

This is so because the Berlin Conference that partitioned Africa separated communities that belonged together and put together totally different ethnic groups. Sudan is a case of different cultural and social groups being lumped together. The result is a 13 year war with a peace agreement whose success may lie in the referendum that will allow the south to split from the north.

The emerging African leaders became so possessive of the colonial borders that none would hear of splits or secession.

The case of Somalia is unique because the Somali people are scattered in five different countries in the horn of Africa namely: Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Eritrea. All these countries cannot fathom allowing part of their territories inhabited by Somalis to unite with the larger Somalia. 

Kenya for instance responded with massive and fatal force when the northern frontier district announced its secession.

Peace in Somalia will mean economic development, and this prosperity will definitely attract other Somalis scattered in neighbouring countries to identify with and yearn to join Somalia brothers and sisters; a fertile ground for separatism.

Whenever Somalia gets a government that is internationally recognized, war lords sponsored by the Arab countries will brand it a government of American infidels. Likewise when a leader emerges who tries to be independent from the Western interests, he is branded an Islamist and terrorist by US and European powers.

The issue is for the Somali people to see through this mischief and settle on a leader of their choice once and for all. What outsiders say should only be considered as opinion and nothing worth fighting for.

Somalia needs reintegration and not disintegration into territories under what militia or insurgents and what government forces.

For the sake of religion let there be peace. Al-Qaida group should let Somalia stablise if it really wishes it to be a Muslim state. Enforcing harsh interpretation of the holy Koran amid suffering of God’s people is hypocrisy.

The West cannot infiltrate a state which wishes to practice its cultural and religious beliefs if it is stable; a case is China. Once you are united the enemy cannot penetrate.

The African Union should shun force in the name of peace enforcement and try negotiations with a view of bringing the warring groups together to find an African-Somalia solution to a Somalia problem.

If groups are made to understand that the Transition Federal Government is a transition as the name suggests, and that an election to have an all inclusive leadership is on the way then a ceasefire may be achieved or still a formidable force including all stake-holders may be formed deterring any challenge from splinter groups.

Somalia’s potential is enormous, why curtail it because of listening to foreign voices with ulterior motives? The children of Somalia have not offended anybody. Do not allow selfishness and lack of intelligence in the current generation of some Somalia leaders to subject the children of Somalia to untold suffering.

The world is now interdependent and the shift is towards economic competition and strength, not military showcasing. Somalia cannot afford to shame Africa by eternally sinking into anarchy and primitivism in this modern era.

The ballot not the bullet should be the best form of competition for power. My heart bleeds for Somalia; a Gulf of Aden jewel linking the Red Sea with a generous rich coast on the Indian Ocean.

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About the author


Wilfred Mulliro is Kenyan columnist. MA in International Studies from University of Nairobi, B.Ed. in English Literature from Kenyata University. His articles which focus on Social issues and Politics appear in Kenya's leading Newspapers.


  1. avatar Ramba maturi says:

    In fact somali should be abolished if it cannot unite….grow up somali leaders!!!!

  2. avatar alfred daud omar says:

    for the first time being a muslim has made me wonder.we as muslims have always gone to the mosque to pray that Allah five times in a day,but after all this we still go to the streets and fight?no no no this is not the way we go.We cannot that GOD by carrying our guns and going to shed blood.Let us be realistic for ones.I am for the first time with no apologies saying this.Does this show that we are different from anyother person who is a thief and a pagan?Somali people should realize its also about our deeeds that we go unpunished.

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