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Our Castle Is Threatened From The Interior

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First of all, I must condemn and alienate that savage crime that occurred in mid July instant, on the road in between Gabile and Borama . That was a crying shame against Islam, humanity, nationalism, and against our co – existence as Somalilanders. It was a curse and a cultural insult to the whole nation. Secondly, I am conveying my humble but sincere condolence and respect to the families and friends of those innocent victims. Besides that, those heartless criminals must be brought to justices immediately. We are hitting the age where things are falling apart. Mother Nature will get mad at us very soon. Plus a quick fix to this long standing dilemma, is a must, and an ought duty to every one of us as Somalilanders. So that we may not bite our tongues again. But I am not sure if Mr.Riyalles cares anymore than he listens. Because he is still wandering in the wilderness. Mr.Riyalle, praise and flowery language is insincere and deceptive. The cows grazing in the field are not content. Dr.Luther King said, when disaster strikes leaders are put on test. People want to know their leader whether he is in control or at least copying. Some leaders arise to the challenge with more grace than others. The leader sets the mood. The leader sets the vision. The leader sets the moral values. We need a leader who can skate, shoot, and score. Our Castle is threatened from the interior. Mr.Riyalle , you are a forbidding enigma full of contrasts and paradoxes. A civilization threatening chameleon with many faces. Mr.Nelson Mandela said, I am prepared to die for my beliefs. A man who won’t die for a cause is not fit to live.

Dr.Gabose Clinical Studies has tipped us privately that nowadays there are a lot of people mostly students, intellectuals, politicians, business men, veteran SNM fighters, dignitary nationalists, staff of media, and clerics men that are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a disease diagnosed with people who had painful experience, or hearing about some horrible events that happens to others. It is some kind of disease described as a state of a heightened and prolonged anxiety caused by a traumatic event outside the realm of normal human experience. That happens to innocent victims in War time, plane – crash, terrorist – attack, police – torture and intimidation, rape of women, abuse of power and corruption by a nihilistic regime. It is caused by recalling back those intrusive memories of that particular event. Nowadays people believe that they are followed and stalked by Police – under – cover. Intimidated, blackmailed and deprived of their constitutional rights. There are a lot of little green men living in their teeth. And there was a hair on the fire for a period of time. Because Mr.Riyalle have a horrible tendency to get very detached and see people as Lab – Rats ready to die for science. Growing old fast, die young, and leave ugly memories behind.

Dr.Gabose Medical Report surprised us to find out that the number of his clients exhibiting PTSD symptoms are a lot more than the Telephone Book Numbers of President Riyalle salesmen. This ambiguous Government’s approaches to the public are more rootless, but less painful than the old vampire, due to a more sophisticated anesthetic devices of the Mother – In – Law from hell ( tribalism ). That scenario happens when ignorant dictators and their allies dominate the political play ground of a country. The voices of freedom and democracy are muted. My country men, a man’s reputation for his future is his record of the past; and democracy is a dirty word in the Oval office of Mr.Riyalle. That is why he is standing on our neck; and walking blind folded on a mine – zone – field. Dr.Gabose ended with his medical report.

A war leaves a country with three armies. An army of cripples, an army of mourners, and an army of thieves. Providence requires a stout heart, a strong arm, and a stiff upper lip. Art has no enemy but ignorance. Every morning is another rude awakening for all of us; and every piece of cigarette is another nail in our coffin. But if I was born to be drowned, I won’t be hanged. Yesterday was a painful memory, today is dark, and there is no a promising tomorrow. Every day Mr.Riyalle is lying to the whole World more than the Tobacco Industry. My hyper sensory faculties have sensed that Mr.Riyalle always opens his mouth on the wrong time. Announcing a hair – raising story under the guidelines of his fortune – tellers and arm – readers. Watching in relax while the society is disintegrating and falling apart. Acting like the spectator of the Merry – Go – Round; while his nation is boiling and burning. The facts on the ground indicates that there is a wide underground network of conspiracy of freedom – pirates. That would eventually take over the whole country in to a chaos; if people say otherwise. So that we would be assimilated one by one. We are deadly sure that this is the hidden agenda of Mr.Riyalle and his top – aides. The Mad Cow Cashier of our Revenue needs no saying. That i s bringing tears to our eyes, and a nostalgic smile to our dusty, dry lips. Shame is a revolutionary emotion. They are holding us at a gun point; and we are stuffed in a supper sized Tool – box. If I am not wrong, very soon all political opposition parties will be outlawed as Islamic terrorist. Freedom of speech will be banned. Newspapers will be censored regardless to reason. Mosques and enshrined institutions must be put under police control. The affair is a surprise to no one. Because our castle is threatened from the interior; and we are our own worst enemy. It is too late to repair the damage. But an evil eye can see no good. Basic physics show that freedom deficit is caused by human rights violations and abuse of power. Besides error of judgment and misuse of public treasury is our concern and magnitude. This wicked regime can’t simply understand the basic rules of human nature. If you have nothing to live for, that makes some one eager to die, and that some one is eager to die, is also eager to kill.

Mr.Riyalle, stop your devoid of civilization and blind insistence before the chicken finishes the vulcanization process. Die with some dignity and resign under the efforts of the Rescue Operation of Somaliland. Whatever was said under the rose or sub – rosa have to remain a secret. The top –down and bottom – up data are pretty clear. We are expecting soon your parting news conference. Mr.Riyalle, take your time without my appreciation.

Our cousin in Jibouti believes that brain proteins of the Somalilanders are rich and full of nourishing materials for body building and smart thinking. That is why he eats, sleeps, and plays in our minds. This is the stuff of fire and brimstone debate. You can call it the modern version of the agony of the past and the present ecstasy. Thanks for the new shipment of three and a half million of handcuffs received recently from our cousin in Jibouti. The handcuffs were in exchange of three and a half million of heads of our live – stock. Plus the cooling – dessert of Ice Cream for his Apes in Hargeisa. Xareed Fund of 1955 will be transferred to Jibouti Bank which is installed recently in Hargeisa and operating in underground. This Bank will finance some politicians and some business men to hijack our issues on behalf of our cousin in Jibouti. All International Relief Agencies have been instructed to use that bank, instead of Dahabshill. That un – nationalistic attitude wrenched the heart from the inner psyche and assailed the very cultural soul of our existence. Who knows where this suicidal political mission might lead us to? Mr.Riyalle, thank you for being totally ugly.

It came to our notice that Kulmiye Party Chairman, Mr.Ahmed Silaanyo is embracing and hugging some unwanted elements that were expelled from the UDUP Empire. Some paper tigers that represent no one except their wallet and stomach. We, the silent majority of Somaliland solemnly object and protest against that manoeuvre. Because these elements were the architect and the masterminds of this corrupted regime in the past. We have no room for their dirty looks anymore. Right now, they are blunt knives in a drawer. Personality cults is a bizarre culture in rank and file of the Kulmiye Party. We have no objection if they are coming as slaves with their head down under water; but not as masters. Mr.Silaanyo, individualism is the highest stage of dictatorship. We are no more in the idolatory age to worship idols made of pastry – cream. We have every reason to say otherwise.

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