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Somali pirates ‘release two Indian boats’

By   /  April 4, 2010  /  12 Comments

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Ahmedabad (Alshahid) – Somali pirates released two of the eight Indian boats hijacked in recent weeks, freeing 26 sailors, a shipping body told AFP on Sunday.

Reports in New Delhi said the ships were on their way to Dubai when they were hijacked after leaving a port in the rebel territory of Kismayo in Somalia.

“One vessel with 15 sailors on board was released by the pirates yesterday, while another one was freed early this morning along with 11 sailors,” said Kasam Ali, president of the Kutch Vahanvati Association in Gujarat.

He said the pirates had stripped one vessel of equipment, while the other had run out of fuel.

About 80 Indian sailors are still thought to be held on the remaining six ships near the Seychelles.

India, whose merchant navy has frequently been targeted off the coast of Somalia, has a warship in the region.

Somali pirates, targeting one of the world’s busiest maritime trade routes, raked in an estimated 60 million dollars in ransoms last year.

Source: AFP

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  1. avatar shafiullah says:

    If somalian government can not control the pirates they can take helf from international community.

    • avatar Abhinav says:

      Shafiullah, there is nooooooo government in Somalia… 🙂

    • avatar sithu says:

      Somalian government plans for the budget from that ransom only, they have a strong pirate team such as an army troop.. The pirates are once militants now they work in such a way to save the hunger of their people.. no government takes action on them.

  2. avatar capt. n.k. chawla says:

    somalia is producing pairets through an industry, if you are unemployed get training and hijack a vessel take your share of efforts,rest goes to the employer who has hired.
    good buisness no loss only win win

  3. avatar akhilehs singh says:

    i have hijack experiance in 2008. I am A/B.
    I was working M.V.VICTORIA cargo ship, morning 8 o clock SOMALI PIRATES came on board
    and hijack my ship. They taken all crew’s sellery and all personel thinghs and beatten too much all crews. That time Capt was pakistani and 9 indian crews on board. After 7 days they release my ship.
    till now i do not know company how much money given.

  4. avatar Db9er says:

    Arm these ships with trained guns. When these pirates approach blow them out of the water. This will slow the pricks down. Dead pirates don’t high jack anything.

  5. avatar arrrrmatey says:

    arrrrrr yeee Db9er speaks the truth. go back to getting aids from eachother pirates, b4 we blow yeee skaleewags to davey jones. where u can get aids from him. ARRRR

  6. avatar jimmy jones says:

    they are merely a bunch of uneducated, lay-about,hotentots…i say exterminate the lot as they are of no use to the world community.

  7. avatar CAPT. N.K. CHAWLA says:

    It is easy to say, but when when on a loaded vlcc with 2 m bbl of crude and RPG fall on your vessel, i dont’ which part of your body won’t sweat.

  8. avatar salvador c. marzan says:

    Around the world, every country is very proud of their sailors. We appreciate their contributions for the economy. In return, let us do our share in providing personal safety awareness/option to increase their margin of safety.

    Dont forget to register and coordinate with UKMTO/MAC-HOA/

    Thanks to EUFOR


    I think that the international community and the related country government could take actions and try to stop this illigal practices. This illigal practices could also be published


    by the media on the TV screens.To create awareness among the country people.

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