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Radio Markabley closed down.

By   /  March 18, 2010  /  1 Comment

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Baardheere (Alshahid)- Radio Markabley, a local radio station in Baardheer town of Gedo region in southern Somalia was closed down by its owners after the director Ahmed Omar Salihi was arrested by the Alshabab authority in that town.

Mr. Salihi was arrested on Tuesday night but freed on Wednesday after appearing before a court in Baardheer. The director was accused of refusing to allow Alshabab media monitoring council to listen to a report which was to be aired in the radio and also inciting the reporters to gather news that is anti-Alshabab.

Related to that incident, two other reporters for radio Markabley were arrested in Balad Hawa and Kismayu towns.The two Mohamed Abdikarim, Markabley reporter from balad Hawa and Mohamed Salaad who reports from Kismayo were arrested and accused of spreading “anti-Islam message”.

Mohamed Abdikarim was arrested after he reported the plea of some of the traditional elders in Balad Hawa who requested from the TFG to help in stopping the harassment of the people of Balad Hawa by the Kenyan border security officers.

Alshabab doesn’t recognize the Transitional Federal Government.

On the other hand Mohamed Salah, was arrested after he reported on a meeting held by Hizbul Islam who are Alshabab’s main rivals.

Alshabab controls all the media organizations that operate in areas under Alshabab’s rule and they dictate to those media what should be aired and what should not be aired.

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1 Comment

  1. avatar Ruteikarirwa says:

    Bravo the owners, Managers and Journalists of the radio for the heroic service you give to the Somali people and the universe in the [promotion of peace based on truth and your conviction. Your credibility and courage should be emmulated throughout Somali , Africa and the world. You are prize winners for the prize you are yet to usher in Somalia – PEACE. Somali people like the rest in the world have a right to information and who is Alshabab to gug the media proffessionals -the gate keepers at the gates of history as it is being made in Somalia. Courage brothers.

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