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The Imminence of Death Makes Mogadishu a Fallen City

By   /  March 15, 2010  /  3 Comments

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  If the daily raging battle in Somalia’s restive capital Mogadishu is anything to go by, the war-torn country is getting deeply emersed into an increasing danger, the worst for the years is been witnessed during the ongoing increased military activity between the fragile government and opposition Islamists.  

There are seemingly faint rays of hope for the entire pacification of Somalia as the unbounded ambition of war-brokers who often describe themselves as pacifists, yet hold the devastated county’s nod into the edge of a dangerous abyss.  

And Somali’s capital now bears the brunt of the brutal war, more than the 1993 US incursion against Aideed loyalists. Over the past few days, the situation in the capital has been on a worsening trend with disturbing reports of mass death.

It is not a bolt from the blue, Mogadishu had this time fallen, there is a powerful indication for its fallout. With a rather boring and boundless daily battle, it cannot be described as a city anymore, it is more like a buffer-zone that is burning out every passing minute.  

The vast township is trampled to the dust without any regard to its former beauty. It’s typically the fallen pride of Somalis anywhere they are in this world.  

From the North to South of Mogadishu, it is a common phenomenon where imminence of death is moving families to survive on the edge and remain hedged in an endless turbulence.  

From this point on, there is a powerful vestige of a rather uninteresting future that awaits this town, a city known for its pristine history and culture, a city of people and places.  

The huge economic and human cost of at least two decades of devastation is so pronounced in much of its destroyed environs. Hundreds of thousands of its people have been displaced over the years, many more have died helplessly even in their own homesteads.  

It is very uncommon for Somalis to cry, but the repeated cycles of orgy scenes, the unacceptable bloodshed and the destruction of properties had made Mogadishu men to cry in public even at the most unacceptable environment near their own children.  

Many of the residents have spoken very deeply about the traumatic situation and their seething anger and frustration remains countless for now.

These days hundreds of its residents, many of who have braved so many years of fighting are fleeing their hometown, a town that has been the apple of their eye but is now transforming itself to be the deathbed of its own people.

Troubled villagers of this ruined town, watch sunrise over the devastated neighborhood, which has known no respite from the escalating insurgency.  

Many of the listless and depressed residents are caught between a rock and a hard place as they struggle to live inside-outside into a living hell.  

There is no end in sight, no light at the end of tunnel too and it is just hope against hope for the people of Mogadishu.

Live is so tough in the ravaged city, where the cooling breeze from the spreading Indian Ocean had even failed to cool the heated atmosphere.  

Like a malevolent snake, the endless war is scathing the Somali City. Its magnificent ancient beauty is replaced with death and destruction.

Like an area ravaged by earthquake, so many years of artillery shelling and bombardment had reduced it to be a grisly crime-zone where every person lives on just a wing and a prayer.

These bereaved residents have been pursuing their hard-scrabbling life with relentless hope and determination albeit the civil strife, but their optimism is waning with more death and desolation every time and moment.  

It is in Mogadishu where heavy fighting always catches civilian non-combatant unaware. Heavy casualties on daily basis throng into mundane health facilities where the few health-workers are overstitched to the breaking point.  

Empty-shelved health centers are laden with bandaged arms and legs, which often peppered with shrapnel.  

Patients often scramble for medication, they lay on the cracked floors of hospitals, many are shivering and frightened, they are simply paying the price of a war they are not party to.

The sheer grinding poverty had increased with the protracted conflict, the already fragile economy dwindled with lack of security for investments and economic development.

The once prosperous business city is groaning under the weight of catastrophic losses, especially in the Central Bakara Market that had been torn down into pieces.  

It is more common to find death in the looped alleyways of the market than any other place in the South and Central Somalia.

The fragile interim authority of Sheikh Sharif Ahmed fights on and on to prevent the fall of Mogadishu as dreaded Islamists Al-Shabaab preys boldly to capture Villa Somalia.

The current battle is an acid test for the authority of the moderate president, as it is a do or die affaire for opposing groups who have vowed to bring the country under Islamic rule.

But what does this renewed fighting mean for a city like Mogadishu, a town that braved the worst of wars in the world.  

For me It will be distracting to follow development in the next few days coming, as reports indicate that, the US and its allies will soon join hands to destroy the remaining icons of Mogadishu in their effort to assist the flimsy government.

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About the author


Abdullahi Jamaa is a Kenyan Freelance Journalist. You can contact him by emailing: abdullahijamac@yahoo.co.uk


  1. avatar Kassim says:

    a well reasearched/written piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree with Abdullahi on this article.
    The people of this war-tone need help and not US-Ethiopia flexing their muscle.

  2. avatar suleiman says:

    thanks for yr good research,but i support the use of imminent force.

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