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Somalia: Is a continue selection or election of 2016?

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In African it’s typical to observe one president, one party and sometimes one family leading a country for many decades and centuries. In the kind of ruling model always have a unique moral fiber. The moral is when their beloved president visit in their unripe districts or suburbs the people of that country are always performing a dancing with the Rhythmic activity without asking and accounting their leader what he had done during his dull tenure? In Somalia the circumstances is poles apart. The Somalia nomadic background has oppositional trend in the term of politics and they always prefer who will govern them must meet the popular will of their own few members clan not the nation as the whole.

Any way The Somalia people adopted a decades of political dead lock which made the country and its people divided by clan and united by land. There is also a rampant of failure everywhere and every action from every one became adding fuel to the fire. The country had adopted in a cycle of establishing a fragile government replacing another fragile.

Furthermore From 2000 in Djibouti conference with its first understanding and stabilization efforts in Somalia for ever till now there is selection to transferring another selection and there isn’t any set answer for how to end this underprivileged rotation of selection transmitting us to another unpopular selection.

In addition to that the international community is backing to this ostracized selection and constantly believing that Somalia is making a relatively progress but the hard questions is does Somalia community can get an authentic selection after years of hoax.

However In numerous meeting of Somalia beleaguered leader from federal level to the federating unit their meeting ended without credible and agreeable wrapping up. They selected national electoral selection Committees to select them in the end. It clear getting free and fair electoral selection is intricate.

In this manner Many Somalia’s popular politician are crying for and accusing the Somalia present leaders as fraudulence. They strongly believe the upcoming selection will end the interest of one group rather than as the whole. It’s truly zero sum game by all. The presidential decree of the appointment of this committee poses another question: the question is how the task of this controversial committee will be, doe they representing all the warring clans of Somalia and finally the legality of the committee.

Besides that the Somalia hungers of the power have been frustrated for appointment of this notorious committee. It’s notable that there was a national selection committee appointed by the ministers and passed by the parliament. This legal committee had been invalidated and became unforeseeable in the future.

In 2012 selection the scenario was same. It was widespread of corruption and power abuse. All the clan elders at that time had been nominated in the interest of the group in the power. Many of them were not genuine clan chiefs. The chronicle of Somalia political arena tells us that Somalia political system based on envy clan with political idiocy and irrational thing are everywhere. More ever the only challenges is facing Somalia people is how can they get a real and rationale selection of 2016 which lead the country in to full scale election in the future.

In the reality the next president of Somalia will face the toughest task and the country and its society indeed in the critical moment. The country needs a political veteran person who has multi minded not multi faces, more practical less lectures, inventor not reviler, moving swiftly not social media addict person (twitter/ face book and so on) and has noble political vision. I grand political

In addition to that the political prediction and who will lead this poor nation is unexpected. The unexpected became the Somalia culture. Normally from civil rule of 1960 to 2000 of interim government till now no president served two terms. The public Somalia referee may be or may not realized all the president of Somalia have done a serious misconduct and they showed the red card and ordered them to leave the office immediately.

Besides to that the two predecessors of the current president did not served two straight terms in the office. Most Somalia presidents had been banned all the political games and they disappeared from political game automatically. It’s truly culture of final red card without return.

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