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Somalia and the Problems of Parasitic Leadership!

By   /  February 22, 2010  /  1 Comment

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In the era of decadence and serious decline of nations there is common phenomenon share between those nations which manifest itself as an emergence of parasitic leadership who are congesting to heap-up to grasp power. This view has been proven academically by psychologists, sociologists, political scientists, anthropologists and philosophers who agree the lack of possibility for a parasitic leadership to appear in the sphere of public life seeking power especially in the time of social stability, because the foundations of electing leadership in any nation that enjoy peace and tranquility whether it is primitive or advance, those basis are strong and solid. Hence those healthy and steady foundations give priority and chance to the genuine and qualified leadership who got the capacity to lead nations or groups far from potential or real danger to the safety, and so far as those foundations are firm and preserved, it makes impossible for parasitic leadership to dare not getting closer to such positions which exceed their mental and physical boundaries.

Therefore in this article i will endeavor to put forward a debate revolving around this phenomena it’s extend and impact on our society and how best the root of this phenomena be understood. As logicians say; understanding the problem is indivisible part of the solution.

What is the Meaning of Parasitic Leadership?

The word parasite means a cadger, bloodsucker and hanger-on, it also donates as uninvited, unwelcomed and despised person however, in the Oxford English dictionary there are harmful parasite organisms which lives in or on your body against your will by absorbing vitamins and neutrons from your body which is necessary for you to have a healthy body, but damages inflicted on your body by these parasites could result lack of ability to do your daily life obligations. As it is well known, those parasites live and multiply on unhygienic bodies and places where often sanitation is non existence.

The same criterion applies to the parasitic leadership, they are uninvited and lack the public support, but rather they are augur-ill by the people in their presence around the corridor of powers, despite they forcefully insert influence to secure their presence against the will of the society who is suffering from chronic social ills. The reason why people express their fear and anger is that the real damage inflicting upon the nation and the society by the parasitic leadership is inevitable and the subsequent destruction and division they bring about create enormous misery and suffering.

As those parasites belong to the germs and insects which could be eliminated when people maintain good sanitation in the habitat surroundings and personal hygiene, similarly the parasitic leadership could face extinction when society reclaims the will and collective social consciousness that gets ride off the statuesque.

In the social science it is well known that the demand for leadership has two opposite motives, either it is supreme ambition driven by rationality, wisdom and knowledge, or a very lower function of animal emotions, desires and instinct. As for the side of rationality is concern, the demander for the leadership post believes that he/she acquires the capacity and expertise that qualifies him/her to achieve and bring about peace, security, stability and harmonious life for the society, and often the genuine leadership possess the ability and the knowledge which enable them to carry out this difficult mission.

Hence this leadership realises that only rational political system is capable of managing and running the business of everyday life, similarly they envisage good moral culture and effective education practice for the society. Therefore without this rational political system, progress towards improving the existing conditions would be impossible and the society will never rediscover the spirit of hope and resilience, and they decline into lower beast function of species which interested in satisfying its animal instinct and that will remove human being their characteristics of rational thinking being.

But the other side of demanding leadership role demonstrate itself as the prevailing lower side of animal emotions and the owners of this comp descent huge majority of them and belongs to the parasitic leadership therefore; demand for leadership position by this sort of spongers is solely to satisfy their desires in themselves and that is to show off the nation that they are sitting on the leadership seat, but that does not necessarily mean they have praiseworthy characteristics, thinking capacity and knowledge, but rather to appease their craving emotional drives, the passion for fame, prestige and authority. Thus as I have said previously the presence of parasitic leadership in public life is the effect but not the cause of the problem, whereas the cause and the essence of the problem is; the absence of collective consciousness, social collapse, lack of peace and stability thus, such circumstances give rise to this type of parasitic leadership.

Furthermore in under this critical conditions deep thinking conscious member of the society would be able to see and identify this sort of parasitic leadership exploiting and infiltrating into the political domain, and some other times coming out under the veil of civil society organisations, in another occasions you see them hiding behind empty Islamic slogans, and eventually they are the first losers of any moral and just struggle so far as they are the results of the period of outbreak of social diseases and epidemic of viruses.

It is impossible for an unconscious society that has been sedated into deep sleep to stand for such reformation efforts in order to reclaim their political institutions, civil society organisations and religious associations by grabbing them from the hands of this parasitic leadership who contaminate where ever their lands lay on.

“If people want to have dignified life *** fate must respond to them”

In the realm of possibilities, Somali society must understand the immensity of the danger face them, and this is possible if and only if we have awaken from the existing unconscious state of mind we suffer from hence, in that moment of change obtaining conditions to commence the road map for searching effective solutions to our problem would be available and accessible to us. Scholarly studies of history teach us that humans are history makers in their interaction with history whether it is a glittering history or gloomy one, and there is no historical determinism which strip human being from the characteristics of responsible being and makes them irresponsible entity in under the mercy of fatalism. Therefore we must work very hard to perceive the root causes of our problems and not be exhausted to change them, because weakness is a bad reputation, but rather the worst weakness is the weakness of understanding to understand your weakness.

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Nuradiin Mahamud Ibrahim, Somali write in English, Arabic and Somali. Obtained BA in politics and sociology, and MA in philosophy of mind. He also enjoys writing about theology in great deal. His articles are published in many Somali sites. His ideas are controversial and usually create heated debates.

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  1. Very interested article is this to all leader in the world most especially in the church of the living God. More of it is expected from you sir.

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