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Residents Protest in Puntland over insecurity.

By   /  December 16, 2009  /  1 Comment

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banaanbaxBosaso (Alshahid) – Hundreds of protesters assembled on Tuesday in Somalia’s semi autonomous Puntland to demonstrate against the killing of four policemen while nine others were wounded by a roadside bomb.

The demonstration took place in Bosaso town of Bari region where four officers were killed late Monday when the bomb exploded near their vehicle in the region’s main port of Bossaso.

Hundreds of protesters chanting slogans and carrying boards with different messages streamed into the town bringing business to a stand still.

On Sunday, Puntland’s vice president narrowly escaped death when a road side bomb exploded and damaged two saloon cars that were part of his entourage.

It is believed that the VP Gen. Abdisamad Ali Shure who was not on board his car at the time was the target.

Puntland, a breakaway region, has been relatively peaceful but in the recent past, residents have expressed fear of escalating insecurity.

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1 Comment

  1. avatar BAABAA says:

    Really it seems that the ones who are the trouble-makers beggan to kill the innocent people who reside and live with peacefull life.
    Let me say to the terrorism ones: are you consuming muslim blood? aren’t afraid of ALLAH? or are you carrying the orders of foreigners those have fled from their countries? have you ever asked your self why didn’t they fight their teritories?
    All that questions are what made me bussy as the ant.
    so is there a person who can answer it.

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