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Al-Islah Movement in Somalia denies contesting for the August Presidential election

By   /  June 11, 2012  /  2 Comments

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Shiekh Mohamed Ahmed Nor (Garyare)

Mogadishu (Alshahid)-Al-Islah Islamic Movement in Somalia denied that one of its members is contesting for Somalia’s August Presidential election.

The movement’s leader and founder, Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Nor (Garyare), said in a press release that Al-Islah sees Somalia to be politically unstable and that “there is too much foreign intervention which will hinder free and fare election in the country.”

Sheikh Garyare emphasized that the main goal of the movement is to unite the Somali people and take part in the restoration of law and order in Somalia.

The Sheikh’s announcement comes three days after Dr Abdirahman Moalim Abdullahi (Baadiyow), a member of the movement’s executive board, declared his presidential bid for the next August elections.

It has been reported that Dr Baadiyow and some officials in the movement had for the past two years been involved in the creation of a political party to take part in the countries politics, but that move encountered strong opposition from the movement’s leadership.

According to an official in Al-Islah, a meeting by the movement’s consultative council in February nullified the creation of political party in the name of Al-Islah.

It seems that presidential candidate Dr Baadiyow and his team continued to implement their political project away from the movement’s framework, and declared their participation in the upcoming presidential election which prompted the group’s leader and founder, to publicly declare to the media the non-participation of the movement in the upcoming election.

Dr Abdirahman Moalim Abdullahi (Baadiyow)

It’s most likely that Sheikh Nor’s objection will be an obstacle to the political project of Dr Baadiyow since the latter was perceived to have the movements backing.

Al-Islah spilt in 2007 to two functions namely Old Al-Islah led by Dr Ali Sheikh and new Al-Islah led by Sheikh Osman Ibrahim. Since then there existed some difference between the two groups.

It is not clear whether this development means a new dispute in the movement fronted by Dr Baadiyow who is currently in London to deliver Tuesday a lecture on Political Islamists in Somalia as a former Vice-President of Al-Islah movement, and a candidate for the Somalia presidency.

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  1. avatar maxamed says:

    islaax waa urur fashil ah oo la ogyahay ilaah ka baqa ummada hawareerirna wax aad haysaan malaahan

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