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exp“The international Community must rush to seriously help Somalia, otherwise it will soon have to confront a problem that is not only Somali but a regional and international one”: so says Sharif Mohammed, a Somali MP since 2004 commenting yesterday’s bombing in Mogadishu. “It is not the first and it will not be the last, unfortunately.

Even as there are ongoing attempts, giving good results, to bring government and Somlai opposition forces closer together, we witness this very hard blow. There are many forces, and not just Somali ones, wanting the country to remain in chaos” said Sharif, questioning what the international community is actually doing for Somalia.

“Something is moving in some countries In Italy as well, there is finally some interest into the Somali issue, but we must act rapidly” adds the MP, confirming the “hurry” also expressed by UN representatives in Somalia. “One of the most urgent – he said – is to get money to pay police officers and government military.

The international community is training security forces; hundreds of men with new guns and uniforms who are then put on the streets in Mogadishu without getting a salary and who sell their services to the best offer, rejecting the very process of stabilization. Is it not possible that they cannot find USD 2 million to pay a USD 100 salary to the military?” Poverty, hunger and disease are the other great threat that weighs on he attempts to bring back peace in the former Italian colony of North Africa, left in a state of institutional anarchy.

“People in Somalia are desperate. Mogadishu has become a major refugee camp. People are fleeing at least once a month from one area to the next to avoid bullets and mortars. Disease spread, hospitals close, food is scarce and people are desperate to the point that they will do anything for 30 or even 20 dollars, even having somebody blow up” said the MP.

“The death toll from yesterday’s attack is not definitive yet, another minister will die. He is badly wounded and for the past 24 hours they have been looking for his blood type all over the city, but there no longer even blood for transfusions in Mogadishu” said the MP, as he launched an appeal: “let the world help my country and Somalis”.

Source: MISNA

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