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The Visa Nightmare: Africa Should Retaliate

By   /  November 16, 2009  /  13 Comments

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Foreign embassies in Africa and other developing countries have found an easy way of making money – because they know no matter how many times they reject applications, people will still re-apply. The current visa system is a fraud and something has to be done about the whole visa application process.

Applying for a UK or USA visa in Africa is in-deed frustrating, time consuming, humiliating and expensive. In Kenya and Ghana for instance, one is supposed to provide so much confidential information such as invitation letters, bank statements, proof of employment, proof of relationship, mortgage payment, medical, marriage certificates etc. It is much complicated for non-Christians especially Muslims of Arab and Somali origin. They are ill-treated, humiliated and asked for diverse confidential information, in fact the only thing they are not asked to submit is blood and urine samples!

We are so dependent on Europe and America that we hesitate retaliating through our embassies abroad for fear of losing donor support and tourism money. To me this is part of the  the Western countries’ mischief. I think those visiting developing countries should undergo the same regimes of visa application. Africans have found it expensive to finance and sustain foreign missions while foreign embassies in our continent display much opulence derived mainly from the fraudulent devices they have set in the black continent. They use Africa’s money to finance their embassies in developing countries.

Governments in developing countries should not remain unconcerned when their citizens are fleeced by foreigners right under the noses of their governments in their capital cities.

Our governments should use all available means of expressing discontent and disaffection with this kind of western visa fraud. They should institute the same visa regime for Europeans, Americans and related countries. The Libya government, for instance, in payback to the humiliation of its citizens at foreign embassies decided that in the same measure, foreigners residing in Libya could no longer renew their papers in Libya. They equally had to return to their own countries to renew their stay in Libya. If all African embassies did the same for people applying for visas, the outrage would lead to a change in attitude towards developing countries. Why not use the African Union (AU) and even UN forums to highlight such an issue?

It is laughable that some African countries like South Africa which were baby-sat by Africans are quickly assuming these frustrating and humiliating UK, America – like visa policies. Does it ever cross the minds of these people that in the past Africans and others were forced over into their countries as slaves? Now that the slaves built and developed the foreign countries, today when they want to visit these countries they are ill treated and criminalized. It is ironical that we talk of the world becoming a global village, yet people from Developing countries are not free to travel around this village!

I accept the logic, for purposes of territorial security and order; states can humanely impose screening and restrictions as is the case of visas. However, if embassies are really genuine in their desire to process visa applications then it should not be made a process whose end is money. I think it is fraud to take somebody’s money for a service you refuse to give. Imagine the number of people who troop to embassies every day? Most applications are however, rejected but the fee is not refunded.

The logical proposition is that people should only pay once their visa opportunities are approved.

And also courtesy and goodwill should be displayed. The body search, demand for numerous confidential information, disgraceful treatment and criminalization of human beings due to religion, race or color should not be part of visa application screening. After all, we are all members of this world, God’s equal creations; genuinely pursuing personal happiness abound in the world.

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About the author


Wilfred Mulliro is Kenyan columnist. MA in International Studies from University of Nairobi, B.Ed. in English Literature from Kenyata University. His articles which focus on Social issues and Politics appear in Kenya's leading Newspapers.


  1. avatar Godfrey says:

    Hi, Mr. Mulliro it is very great idea, I do share with you and hope that decission makes wil take it.
    Thanks a lot

  2. avatar ahmed says:

    What a load of nonsense. All that will happen if we do this is that foreigners will stop coming to Africa. So we will lose even more money. No tourists, no investors, nobody supporting our legal system or our universities or our hospitals. Then what, Mr Mulliro?
    Until we Africans get rid of the corrupt, thieving chiefs that have used us ordinary people as their cattle and their slaves for centuries, we citizens will have no wealth or power, and we will be dependent on foreigners to keep us alive. It is our own African leaders who exploit us, enslave us, humiliate us and demean us. It is our own African leaders who flaunt their opulence in front of the poor.
    Please point your gun at the right target, Mr Murillo.

  3. avatar dennis says:

    Mr.muliro you are indeed making alot of sense its time that africa countries through their government make some efforts in ensuring that africans travelling abroad arent taken advantage of.Me myself had to look for so many documents that even some were unnecessary but since i needed a visa to u.k i had to do that.I know whats all about.tho if we take drastic action then we shall be having an opportunity cost being incurred

  4. avatar Wahome says:

    Good thoughts Muliro. Yes we need to restore our pride. Denying people the right to get into your country is unlogical. Imagine if Barack Obama Senior was denied access to the USA? Yes just imagine. But your article missed the point. As you might have noticed the new Kenyan draft constitution provides for a right to every citizen to get passport. More and more people will be wanting to leave for Europe and America. There are many reasons why Africans wish to leave this continent for the West; the quality of life as they perceive it. Many people believe the West is heaven and Africa is hell. They could be right. Imagine if Barack Obama was born in Kenya his father’s land. I believe he would never get anywhere close to leadership as we know our political terain. As Ahmed has said, we only need to fix our acts, get the right leaders, fix our economies and ensure fundamental rights are guaranteed. Then noone will want to go anywhere and the reverse will be true, more foreigners will want to come here. Remember Africa has the best weather in this world and that is a fact. We should not stop people from coming here just becuase they are not allowing us to go to their land; that is not African culture as you know it. Let them come in millions and bring their money here. Let’s then manage that money properly and Africa will remain the heaven as you and I know it to be. Thanks.

  5. avatar Mr.Diriye says:

    Mr. Mulliro has realy given a clear picture about the developing countries characters towards Africa. The African people have been suffering from several problems since the day which they were born. When the white man left Africa he didn’t leave it completely but he made representative groups in the continent and those are who became African leaders. the are black in the complexion but the carry western idologies their inside. We have never seen a full independence and we still depend on them because the are the one who are controling all our system movements politics, economics, education, militarry etc.

    They cannot allow Africa to be united or get any development. But Africa can develope when they be united, narrow their different and get a self confindence and also change their current leaders.

  6. avatar Ebony says:

    Mr Mulliro:

    Your document and references are profound and you know what time it is!
    Mr Gadaffi Has Given all Africa the keys, of how to uplift its Citizens and to
    protect their welfare before the nations. You must follow suit to protect your
    people! We are with you And The God of the Universe, Will make good things
    happen for you,Africa, and all countries that suffer such humiliation and exploitation
    Africa must make laws to protect its citizens. and all outsiders must follow your rules in your land no matter who they are, and where ever they come from.

    Donot be fearful of being cut off from tourism and donations, It won’t be forever
    Prepare your people in advance before doing anything drastic all represenatives
    in the diaspora will stand to help you. Its time that we let the world know who are the real wealthy people in the earth., and tell them how the “SoCall Rich” Achieve their wealth!” Its not hard Break it down to therm. And Yes Shut Down Their Embassies and Reopen your own. With your rules You will breakdown the backs of all the world
    exploiters.Have No Fear!. They are Dead Men Withourt Your Resources. If you Shut Them Out They Will Be on their knees before you. We Africans Are Still The King And Queens of this earth. But Their Minds are corrupted with Their Exploiters
    ways! Let Go And Let God In Africa! This is our day now. Their Game is over They
    need you more than you need them. We Africans and No longer Called Poor Countries no Longer exist Regardless to what you see with your eyes! “So Called Poor Countries! Are The True Rich Countries with The Blessings of God with much
    Resources, for its inhabitants. Africa needs to stop its swinging doors to everbody
    and start taking background check up of visitors, Investors,Buyers, beaware of
    Donations Africa, You might be given toxins in a form of a gift! Stop being Gullable!
    Beaware of your Volunteers, That comes to exploit your territories! with photo! and return with a new game! Their REVERSED PSYCHOLOGY IS OVER, FINISHED!

    Do not Allow them to inject Africans with SWINE FLU SHOTS its a TRICK! Africa has Given so much to recieve nothing in return! We the families through Slavery and scattered around the globe must protect Africa and all the Rich Countries around the globe! Remember,There are No Such thing as POOR COUNTRIES!
    REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY! There is no such thing as BLACK MAN / or BLACK PEOPLE! That’s an insult to be called anything without origin. All Countries have its
    origin and the land and the people have the samer name, because they are one with
    their land.
    Europe European, Africa African, France Frenchmen Italy Italians. India Indians.
    All of the Nations Throughout the earth are likwise. BLACK PEOPLE?

    There is no such thing as BLACK PEOPLE, Never Existed! Uncover Conspiracy!
    The Whole world is living a lie! Where is the Land of BLACK PEOPLE?
    DOES NOT EXIST People around the globe comes in many shades of tones and
    the darkest is not called BLACK PEOPLE, but their country name. He’s INDIAN
    He’s a Cananite in Canan, Israel,Israelite, Palestine Palestanians, Yemen Yemenites
    This is New History for all you readers grounded in lies! Lets Uncover The Lies!
    How do you call an African A Nigger? or an Ethopian a nigger? or an Indian a nigger?
    NON EXISTANT NO SUCH THING! Do Not Allow anyone to ever again to call you outside of your name, Spead the word throughout the world we refuse to live your lie
    enemy comes in like, He’s your friend, when he is the real wolf in sheep clothing!
    DIVIDE AND CONQUER! Through color division, I’m Better than you! RELIGION
    Uncover the lies. Religion was designed to DIVIDE the people and Keep SATAN and
    You. So Do What You Have to do! For you and your inhabitants integrity You know how to live without They Don’t.

  7. avatar Mohamed Sharif says:

    Indeed Western countries have adopted this way of humiliation for quite sometimes by now, as you said, its a money making machine for them, sacking these innocent applicants’ money as if it has no value to them, to my astonishment, I notice that applicants tend to pay these fees over and over again without even thinking twice, just hoping to be granted the visa, while these countries are following -I would call- a scheme to make money, or in other words a scham to rip people off. Now awareness campaign should be made to these people and organized steps of opposing these policies should be presented in a proper way, by communities, or even MPs, otherwise, these schemes will keep on going.

  8. avatar mugabe says:

    people of africa canot get visa easly to work in america but the west can get it easy (of course help from our govt.s is above what they expect) towork against us that is to SPY.

  9. avatar daffa says:

    thanks mr mulliro , you have highlighted avital issue , our goverments cant dare raise any questions of the kind since they are corrupt , they also fear that the big fishes in goverment itself be rejected visas as is the case in kenya .

  10. avatar Clement says:

    Now, tell me, what are your people going over to Europe and America to find? The owners of the properties told you not to come to their countries but you are willing to go there at all cost? That will surely amounts to criminal tresspassing. Tell me again, is it not your leaders that stole your country’s money and use it to develop Europe and America at the detriment of your own development? And now you are crying foul; whose fault? If your leaders have endeavoured to put in place what it takes to attract foreigners into your own country, definitely the Europeans and the Americans would be begging to come to your country, but since it is the Europeans and the Americans that have what attracts you, then you should stop complaining and be ready to beg them to allow you come into their country, otherwise, remain at home and help your leaders to find how to make things work in your country too instead of running away and abandoning your country and responsibilities to her development. We Africans are the ones that are guilty and must be ready to accept the blame, not the Europeans or the Americans, please.

  11. avatar Austin Otieno says:

    Hi Mr. Muliro? I agree with you entirely. Surely, African governments should retaliate. Our dignity first as Africans and members of the human race, MUST be upheld at what ever cost. Chinese did their’s and now they are laughing all the way to the bank. The West has found them(Chinese) irresistible and as such can’t afford to ignore them. They have thus pitched tent in China for good! Ahmed and somebody else are right though too. We must get our act together. The corruption and impunity that our top bras engage in MUST be strangled to death! However, our citizenry should not wait for action until after our society is “clean”. That will take a lifetime. Let’s gradually have like minded people, who share in the idea of a truly fair and just society for the whole human race, and everything necessary be gradually implemented. Rome was not built in a day you know. Thank you.

  12. avatar unknown says:

    Outsiders and insiders play a factor in this. Outsiders are not the only ones at fault when shortsighted leaders do their bidding. But these leaders are not the only ones at fault when outsiders depose the true leaders and install the puppets. Both of these parties are guilty-and people may make a mistake by failing to face this. Either way, I am with Austin Otieno on this.

  13. avatar A Lone Citizen of Tribally Sick People says:

    Please don’t issue a visa to those Africans seeking it. Normally they are the business class and the political class both of non-human who are behind much of Africa’s social and political ills. They are not even what it takes to be human. They have not evolved yet. They are the ones sucking other people’s blood, in prisoning people for no reason, sucking back at some much bribes, and please UK and USA don’t ever let these monkeys come to your country.

    Forget about Arabs terrorist and Somalis. Please don’t let them any more of them into Holly America. They are bad for business. They Arabs don’t exist. And forget about Somalis they had been eating each other for the past 21 years. So please don’t bring to Great Britain or The United States of America any more of this tribally sick people. They are disgusting and have no nationalism other than tribalism. If you keep bringing them at the rate you bring them here they will destroy your countries and corrupt your systems. They have no business and forget about their business class all they want is just Assylum.

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