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Turkish Secondary school to be opened in the Somali Capital

By   /  October 13, 2011  /  6 Comments

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An admission exam was held on Tuesday to select students for a newly built Turkish high school in Somalia. Photo by Today's Zaman.Mogadishu (Alshahid)-A Turkish Secondary school will be opened in the Somali Capital Mogadishu in the next month, according to an Anatolia news agency report.

Bilal Çelik, chairman of Turkish charity the Nil Organization said Wednesday that while preparations for the school building were under way, a test was made to select the students to the school, and over 1,000 applications were made to the school.

A total of nine Turkish teachers will work at the school, Çelik said.

Celik added that maths, physics, chemistry and computer lessons would be in English, social lessons would be in Somali and religion lesson would be in Arabic. He added that it would be compulsory to select Turkish as a foreign language which would be given 11 hours in a week.

This is the first proof that Turkey is continuing to make good on its promise to invest in Somalia’s infrastructure.

On August this year, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited Mogadishu and several refugee camps in Somalia, pledging more aid in cash and infrastructure.

Turkey has been a leader in the international community for its impressive and ongoing aid to Somalia, which is experiencing the worst drought in 60 years.

The U.N.’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affair (OCHA) said Wednesday that more than 2.2 million Somalis have received food assistance, mostly in the famine-stricken south. However, the office said nearly two million others still urgently need aid.

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  1. avatar Hasanein says:

    Although it’s a very good initiative by Turkey, but I’m quite reserved about the compulsory Turkish languge lesson, I would have thought English to be more important thank Turkish lang. which’s only used in Turkey. Beside is Turkey doing all this help as part of an agenda, maybe flooding Somalia with their companies in the future?

  2. avatar Abdullahi says:

    Well done, It must be thanked and really it’s a remarkable step. Turkey will have a good position in our hearts. The one who give you hug when you scare and heel you when you hurt, is the one that you will never forget. Math, physic chimstery and other scientific subjes would be in english and the turkish lang would have a position. It’s great to have contact with your doner by means of language. We hope more help from our brothers if I’m now wrong there is also a preparation efforts to build Child and Mother Hospital in Mogadishu by Turkish government. Thanks again to the sympathy of Turkish government it has a good to time to do so.

    Thanks alshahid web and it’s excelence services.

  3. we hope to do our best in <Somalia
    we been to Denan refuge camp l will be in mogadishu in december 2011 inshAllah

  4. I am ask how can get my prize to make my plan my business and many othes, and who can dorect me how can get it

  5. avatar ali says:

    well done, turkey is the only our real brother, and we never forget their help,

  6. avatar maryanruun yussuf.u says:

    well done turkiya we cant forget what u r doing in our country we will be grateful to you forever and ever .thanks for everything.u have helped us the most problems that we have in our country today .poor education.

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