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Breaking News: Alshabab completely withdraws from Mogadishu

By   /  August 6, 2011  /  1 Comment

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Mogadishu (Alshahid)-Alshabab militants have over the night completely pulled out of the Somali Capital Mogadishu, according to the group’s spokesman Ali Dhere.

Speaking to a Pro-Alshabab radio in Mogadishu, Ali Dhere confirmed that Alshabab has completely retreated from their bases in the capital for the purpose of military tactics and sparing the lives of innocent Somalis.

“In the next few hours, you will see a different approach that the Mujahidiin [Alshabab] will use to curtail the advances of the enemy. We retreated from Mogadishu to spare the lives of fellow Muslims from the excessive force used by the enemy of Allah,” said Ali Dhere.

It’s not clear what made the strongest rebel group in the country to take such a measure.

Some reports say that Alshabab leaders were in the past days having a consultation meeting in Bal’ad town.

Residents reported Alshabab militia leaving their positions overnight. The militia has never abandoned the city entirely.

Government spokesman Abdirahman Omar Osman also confirmed that Alshabab retreated from the city. He called it a “golden victory for the Somali people.”

More updates to follow

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1 Comment

  1. avatar thehassanabdi says:

    The poor somali people are fed up of this senseless war.We should stop calling everyone a terrorist and start engaging in a fruitful dialogue.Alshabaab on their part should accept a round the table talk with the interim gov to bring this war to an end and build a stable government for the benefit of all since it’s clear that none is winning the war.

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