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Egypt furious over secret Ethiopian Nile dams

By   /  March 18, 2011  /  16 Comments

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Cairo (Alshahid) -Egyptian authorities are furious over new plans by the Ethiopian Government to construct three giant hydro power dams on the Blue Nile.

The angry Egyptians plan to send a team to discuss the issue with the Ethiopia despite the latter’s insistence the plan was not intended to harm Egypt.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi recently hinted his government planned to use more of the Nile waters for development activities in the drought-prone country, which is the second most populous in Africa.

Mr Meles said in the next one month the new hydro-dam projects will be inaugurated.

The Blue Nile provides over 80 per cent of the Nile waters and its flow is therefore a matter of life and death for Egypt.

“We are planning to carry out a number of important projects, including a major project on the Nile,” Mr Meles told reporters.

However, the document obtained by Africa Review from the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO) mentioned unpublicised new dams set for construction, that will be inaugurated in the Western Ethiopia region of Benshangul Gumuz, just 40km east from Sudanese border.

Ethiopia plans to generate 6,000MW of electricity from the new dams, whose construction may take five to 10 years. The document does not mention specific details.(Africa Review)

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  • Published: 6 years ago on March 18, 2011
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  1. avatar abera says:

    it is our right who is goinig to be asked egypt..no, the time has gone .come and drink here from the resourse…

  2. avatar bini says:

    we Ethiopian want mutual benefit over Nile please you Egyptian try to understand this we don’t want any war with you

  3. avatar Daniel says:

    hey there,
    I am Ethiopian. I am happy about the construction of the new dam. I am happy because I am told by my gov’t that Egyptian people are certainly not going to be hurt because of it with some logical remarks.
    We are deeply Christian people. We ourselves wouldn’t have allowed our gov’t to build the dam if it certainly had hurt Egyptians.

    Starting war is at first something poor decision. There are many options in case of disagreement before war, such as discussion not selfish one but fair one.

    If Cairo starts war, I think that would be the worst mistake that Egypt commit in its history.


  4. avatar Solomon Aregawi says:

    I am a cosmopolitan from Ethiopia: my view over this current situation of Abbay(blue nile is really is depend on common benefit of not only both country but also including the attributes forgetting not, to give more values to the “the blue niles” but in no way it should violet the Egypts benefit from the river, in this case Egypt’s view should not be like wanting 100% usage of it or showing extreme ininterest in the projects planned over nile by other initiative countries particularly over blue nile. The Egypt government from the very beinging didn’t realise that there is a life here in Ethiopia a country which is drought prone, the 1959 treaty showed the Egypts feeling, and I say we would never make it by abandonning Ethiopia, the Egypt gov’t should reconsider every possible way but not like “who can dare”………..There is a silver shining in every cloud……..Poor nation can rise like china this can happen in Ethiopia actually is, so this time Egypt can stand and be the untouchable but obliged to negotiate in a peaceful manner.
    P.S for Al shahid you can contact me for better report from Addis am reporter to be.

  5. avatar asbo says:

    Ok guys, It is all about Ethiopian politics! ok alright, This is just Meles Zenawi’s Drama, so no need to be fooled.

    • avatar Tigabu says:

      think every thing as yours,carelesses always sleep the life of their friend`s night.this is not really political idom,butreal & radical step of Mr Melese`s best.
      you should think as a man of this century.

  6. avatar Tigabu says:

    God bless Ethiopia!

    We Ethiopians are really cheerful,to think that those Egyptians were use our river for a long time.This is nothing for us,since we are the bosom friend of our neighborhood country,we feel happy,as long as Egyptians use it!But it is the best era of Ethiopia to transform its history of the past,just struggle of poverty.SO, why do you become our confronted handicap to do it?

    Think better for common good!

    kind regards,


  7. avatar surafel miheret says:

    In 1859 the Egyptian built a Suez canal by connecting the Mediterranean sea and the red sea which allows water navigation between Europe and Asia without navigation around Africa. The construction of the canal have become a major component of the the Mediterranean ecosystem,and have serious impacts on the Mediterranean Ecology, endangering many local and endemic species. Currently,too many species from the red sea have been identified in the Mediterranean sea. The Egyptian government built the canal for their one sided benefit ignoring the Environment. It is very Selfish Approach protesting the newly dam project which is intended to be built soon in Ethiopia. It is our right to use our resource as long as it is for the mutual benefit . we have been going through a tough time and Continous poverty for decades. this is the time to unite and stand for the common interest .

  8. avatar smi says:

    very nice time for ethiopia which many generations dreamed about.i hope it will not affect the right of egyptians to use the nile.
    i want acknowledge those Egyptians that if it have any effect on u we wont even allow our government to do that.
    and lastly pls don’t think about war it will not be good for both of us,but it doesn’t mean we fear war we have been through it for many century and u know that to.

  9. avatar Zeryihun Kassa says:

    I am Ethiopian and I am happy as Nile is a thick component of national feeling. Ethiopia has never been bent on hurting the interest of people of Egypt yet adamant to maintain mutual benefit but the scarce mentality of old Egypt’s politics has so far failed to acquiesce for shared benefit, which is a glaring mistake. Egypt has remained crooked to keep 1959 colonial, nasty agreement as if it sustains timelessly.
    we know Egypt threaten us to wage a war which is a very poor yet deadly option to harm their own good. Despite our respect for rule of law and fear of God, Ethiopians are ruthless to sweep away reckless neighbors who dare to trample on our sovereignty.
    Egypt has a peaceful win-win option to admit with abundant mentality; if it takes the wrong way we will for sure whip you off our very interest. Forget your hearsay about Arab-Israel war, we give a far better lesson as we in the past defeated you.
    A country believe who believe to maintain mutual benefit while we are determined to take any of your aggressions down.

    Take a fair path and maximize mutual benefit and go wrong for aggression and get whipped away.

  10. avatar Chuchu says:

    I thinks this is the beginning of the new balanced world. Colonialism was over 5o years ago. What ever agreements signed or declared during the colonial era obviously won’t work now. Both Ethiopia and Egypt are an independent countries now. But I must regret that you Egyptians are not still independent of your colonialists ideas. Colonialism is an officially abolished practice. The colonialists were responsible for all the tumors in the past world of course they are still paying for that.
    Peace and prosperity to the people of Africa!
    Enat ager Ethiopia, wodefit gesgishi!

  11. avatar zebachew says:

    I am ethioipian I think we ethiopians & egyptians have to work together for mutual interest not only for you or for us.us you know before 100 years we was under poverty but know we are on the way to develop our economy & out of poverty any way the only thing & the right thing is we have to work together.

  12. avatar Girma Beressa says:

    I am ethiopian and am ready to do what ever my country need from me to prevent poverty .Egptian also understand our objective help us to use blue nile together .some poletican are playing with this agenda by including warning but we3 can not prifer this ,if so …

  13. avatar Girma Assefa says:

    This is a great celebration for Ethiopian & our friend countries. We Ethiopian did only our right. We are not build a dam in side Egypt. Our prime minister Meles Zenawi decide a golden opportunity for his citizen. This doesn’t concern Egyptian. Please think as human being this is 21 century. We use our resource not Egyptian resource.

  14. avatar belay zelekje says:

    Hi, I am sorry for EGYPTIANS being boost as having a better military power. surely an ETHIOPIAN farmer is more than enough for 10000 well armed Egyptian troops. We know the war between you and Israel with small country. If you are confident with your sophisticated gun machine. We Ethiopians can spoil the river with our secret chemical weapons you the whole EGYPTIANS would be removed from your country,leave alone your invading force to us( of course 200% impossible because you are not better than one year kids).

  15. avatar Habtamu says:

    we dont ask permit ion from Egypt to use our resource,it is must constructing the dam over nail.if Egyptian want to use force it also dangers to Egypt.

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