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Kenya’s ‘Prophet’ sees great disappointment and weeping over referendum results

By   /  August 9, 2010  /  4 Comments

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Nairobi (Alshahid) – The self-styled Prophet Dr. David Owuor of Hope and Repentance Ministries has predicted a great disappointment to Kenyans following the passing of the draft constitution during the just concluded referendum.

“God talked to me two days ago and showed me disappointed Kenyans with some even crying,” he said during a TV interview on Jeff Koinange’s Capital Talk K24 programme.

Dr. Owuor who confounded many when in a televised item, he baptized Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga and later also converted Kasarani Member of Parliament Ms. Ongoro.

Just like his followers say, he claims that he predicted phenomenal world disaster s like hurricane Katrina, the Haiti and Chile quakes and even Kenya’s post-election violence.

Before Kenya’s political violence Owuor proclaimed in a rally in Eldoret that his hometown city Kisumu was cursed and he could see women and Children on their backs running from Eldoret town which later become the epicenter of the Kikuyu people targeted tribal violence.

Dr. David Owuor was born in Yimbo, Bondo District and studied sciences at Makerere University and the University of Nairobi. He later proceeded to study and work in other countries, specifically the Ben-Gurion University in Haifa, Israel where he undertook Ph.D studies in molecular genetics, otherwise known as the “science of the future.” He also took up a post-doctoral fellowship in the United States with a specific interest in gene sequencing and signal transduction.

Owuor hails from the same ethnic community with PM Raila and US president’s father Obama seniour.

He is currently touring Europe and Asia in what he terms urgent invitations around the world concerning the coming of Jesus very soon.

“Even Muslims know Jesus will come back soon. People all over want me to go to them and explain how they can prepare for the coming Jesus the lord. I was in South Korea recently for the same,” he told the K24 interviewer Jeff Koinange formerly of CNN America.

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  1. avatar Rose Wamaghaleh says:

    I so moved by what I am reading about the servant of God Dr David Oduor who hapen to hail from my own ethnic origin. Am so amazed and very proud to be tribally connected with this wonderful servant of God. I would like to follow his teaching very closely since they mean so much to me. I am aborn again Christian who appreciate revealatiion shared by commited Christians. I would highly appreciate receiving any correspondence connected with Dr Owuor’s up-dates.

  2. avatar MANYA ABRAHAM says:

    I do doubt if you really have the holy spirit, because if you do you can doubt many of your pastors who come to church and say,”The holy spirit spoke to me yesterday and said, son tell my people to sow a special seed of $354 and they will see my manifestations” but not the servant of the lord DR Awour who will tell you nothing else but repent from sexual immorality and the love of man. Let us not argue but just head to the advice of Garmaliel in Acts ,if he is from the lord even if you write 10000 emails to discourage people from following you wont succeed and you will find yourself fighting against God;if he is not GOD sent he is going no where.LORD JESUS said that we will know false prophets by their fruits,I support him because since I knew him and heard his message am more close to God than ever.Your American preachers push people to poverty as they move to big cars but him push you to your knees a character of a true prophet. As I said before, I doubt you have the holy spirit.

  3. avatar kim says:

    it is time for the church of the Lord to prepare the way fo the coming of Christ. For the prophet of the Lord Dr David Owuor whose words i beleive in has advised the church all over the world that time is over and any minute from now He can come back and rupture the church. We have the message so lets abide by it for it is true and biblical. the message of repetance and holiness is also repeated in the times of John the Babtist about preparing the way for the christ

  4. I sent the Prophet an E mail.and was supprised to hear back from him personally. He had said he was wanting to visit Albuquerque New Mexico. I hope we can continue to corrospond to have a meeting here.

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