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Give Me The Hammer

By   /  August 13, 2009  /  1 Comment

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Mr.Benedict Arnod from the Cedar Tree Institute said, my friends of many years views, did not offend me. What offended me most was their beliefs that I had no right to my independent, moderate views, and that I should just shut up and leave the future coarse of the country to them alone. Because they know better.

Free thinking and free speech is the heart and spirit of America. You have a choice, love it or leave it. I find myself pitted more against extreme – right wing views. They have that naïve and childish notion that moderates are wishy – washy, fence sitters, waiting to see which way the political wind blows. So that they can then lean that way. They have the only politically correct path. But Free speech and free thinking is the heart, spirit, and soul of America. If they don’t like that kind of America. They have a choice. Love it or leave it.

Dear reader, extremism is alive and exist on many fronts. Intolerance of opinion is not an option. James! Jefferson reply to citizens of Washington in 1809 said. The difference of opinion should arise among men on politics, and on every other avenue of human inquiry; and that should be freely expressed in a country where all our faculties are free, is to be expected. But those valuable privileges are much perverted when permitted to disturb the harmony of social intercourse, and to lessen the tolerance of opinion.

The tongue weighs almost nothing but few can hold it. Give me the hammer, a fly is running on my nose. Referring to my article dated 25th July, 2009. Titled as ( Our Castle is threatened from the interior), and had been published in the Hiran Web – Site. Some bigots and tribal minded personalities are bugging me and tickling my throat. They want to punish me for my core – beliefs. Simply because I condemned that savage crime that occurred on the road in between Gabile and Borama. According to their perception, they believe that egoism and cold blood, is the foundation – stone of morality.

That is why they want me to adorn and worship the Mother – In – Law from hell ( tribalism ). That is why I am here today, to respond to their rude and insane remarks. Those low life personalities were speaking behind the curtains. No names and no numbers. They want me to regard those bandits, that crucified innocent, defenseless travelers, as a stroke of bravery and cou! rage. Owing to that, I must ululate by tongue ringing, and beat heroic drums for those cheap elements.

Most couples divorce because of their religious difference. I don’t want to push the panic button right now; before starting my furnace to warm up. I have opted for now, not to read my reviews and write – ups, good or bad. They already have emailed me all sorts of weird and disgusting master – pieces. I Won’t tell you exactly what they are.

Because our fridge has never been more colorful than it is right now. But let me say in short. Tribal advocate is nothing but dressing like a slut. Good bye to your negative faith and your head – spinning excuses. Your walls of sand are sure to crumble. If you plant seeds of hatred, it will grow to destroy both of us. It is not the political art, but the heart that wins. If you mix gun powder and alcohol, you won’t be around long at all.

By now, we are all aware of your gum – disease. You are beautiful when you are angry. The tongue weighs almost nothing but few can hold it. Give me the hammer, a fly is running on my nose. The case in question which was near and dear to our hearts was that article of Mr.Zakeria Farah dated 2nd August instant. Published on the Hiran Web – Site, in which Mr.Zakeria was offering Somaliland as a gesture of generosity, some advices and alternate directives of his own mind. But if sheep want advice, they will never ask the wolves. Mr.Willson Churchill said, the definition of a fanatic person is somebody who opposes your opinion and does not change the subject matter. Actions, looks, and words are the steps from the alphabet by which you can spell character.

Adversity is the true school of my life. I am an old man who has ceased to grow vertically and started to grow horizontally. Folks never understand the folks they hate. But a foe to God was never a true friend to man. Fear is the father of cruelty. I must examine who is speaking, not what is said. ! The face is familiar, but I can’t recall your name. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. We would rather die on our feet rather than bowing on our knees. Mr.Zakeria, I am an American but not from the United States. Because when I went to school, America was a continent not a country. I need a little space to think. I don’t know who is me yet. I have to discover myself again. A hole needs filling in my wisdom tooth. The tongue weighs almost nothing but few can hold it. Give me the hammer, a fly is running on my nose. After spying on myself for two decades, I have come to the conclusion that people don’t die for the lack of sex, but we die for the lack of love. I have been sleeping with a woman that does not love me for two decades. Disguising myself as a Budhist – monk; while I was on call for every dirty diaper change. No jury is going to rule on my favor. I must be sued for defamation of my honor and character. But I am not sure if the punishment fits the crime. I can’t repair my damaged respect for her, at this age and time. By now, an advice whispered to my ears is worthless. Truth always brings division between right and wrong. A war is a force that gives us some meaning.

But three keys lead to more abundant living. Caring for the others, daring for the others, and sharing with the others. When we share fairly, that is poetry in the prose of life. But now, enoug! h is enough; and I have chosen to be alone in the woods; and face the challenge alone as a gentleman. My parents should have called me stupid the first time I dropped my head on the earth planet. Because they all eye at me when I say my core beliefs; as if I farted in a Mosque. Mr.Zakeria, When we speak the American language. China has an ailing communist Government with a terrible human rights violations record. But in reality , it is a sleeping giant; and if it wakes up.

The wild West will tremble. First and not the last, the unity of Somalia or that old phenomenon of Great Somalia; is neither a holy doctorine from the mouth of God, nor an internationally agreed code. It is a fabricated story that has been initiated in 1960. Above that, Somali Nationalism is not a fabric in our tissues that we have inherited from our forefathers, nor we born and raised upon. It is simply an emotional hoopla created by some interest group like you. But faded in it’s nursery stage.

We are born and raised as a tribal society that owns it’s own traditions, law and order of it’s own, with marching borders. More precisely this is a White man’s World, and their colonial borders are untouchable. As it is quoted in the African Union charter. More importantly, Somalilanders were the first pioneers of that fruitless false dream and dead project of Great Somalia.

They had sacrificed with everything gold or dear of their own, more than any one else. But they had been given a bad turn ! and rewarded with looting, torture, and bloodshed of their loved ones. We share the Armenian in their history of a litany of tragedy and suffering, endlessly repeated. We also share in their story of survival against all odds and in the face of every possible indignity and handicap, we humans are capable of imposing upon one on another.

The Armenians are the oldest Christian nation on the earth planet. Mr.Zakeria, experience is a comb which fate gives to a man, after he lost all his hair. The art of life, is the art of avoiding pain. Beer on whisky is mighty risky and coming events cast their shadow before. Mr.Zakeria, to make you laugh, let me ask you whether Smoking is as bad as a bare breast. The end of passion is the beginning of repentance. There is no way we can be associated with those false doctors vacationing at Nairobi. That is an insult to our brain chemistry. If an ass goes to Nairobi, he will not come back as a horse. The baby who is always carried! will never learn to walk. They always try to catch the moon ! in a jar .

A democratic deficit and unethical policy at dead end. We have no room of energy for your mock renovation of Great Somalia. If you want roasted bananas, you must burn your fingers first. Human beasts that steals the gold teeth from the dead body, and choking with their tongues. If you say A, they will make you say B. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, show me a woman that a poor man can trust. A cat is honest when the fish is out of reach. Look at the driver before you cross with the ferry. Mr.Zakeria, please don’t rock my boat and don’t shake my tree. You are a divider not a uniter. The blood is not dry yet and the bruises are not healed.

The tongue weighs almost nothing but few can hold it. Give me the hammer, a fly is running on my nose. The English language is a strange – skating on thin ice that can get you in to a heated debate. The man who says it can’t be done is liable to be knocked down by some one doing it. Mr.Zakeria, it is better to limp on the right road than to speed on your wrong one. The actual full name of the movie ( Gone with the wind ) is; luck is a loser’s excuse for a winner’s position. Charity begins at home.

Mr.Zakeria, First mend your own long time broken fence and messy house of Great Somalia. Mr.Robert Louis Stevenson said, quiet minds can’t be perplexed or frightened, but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock in a storm. Mr.Zakeria, you are still leading that flavorless life full of pain, doubts, cold blood, and contradictions. Advertising a commodity that is not in the market. Acting as Mosquitoes that are captured by bats that are spying on them.

Dragging your feet like a lame duck; and leading a Government that does not exist with your own chin. Telling lies is a fault to a boy, an art in a lover, a second nature in an adulterate woman, and accomplishment to a failed politician. That cave that you want to enter, does not hold the treasure that you are looking for. It is the dull man who is alw! ays sure, and the sure man is always dull. Mr.Malcolm X said, in America there is always a reason to think. As a black man, your senses of calculation must work overtime. Mr.Zakeria, in all history books, the rim of civilization has been patrolled by great brains to keep the barbarians out of reach. Those great men made the World safe for cheap sissies like me and you. In order not to cut off our heads with our tongues.

Mr.Zakeria, it is not your fault, it is the fault of your father. Because he told you half of the story. A gossip is one who talks to you about others, a bore talks about himself, and a brilliant conversationalist talks about yourself. If truth is beauty and beauty is truth; how come you never see a woman getting her hair done in a library?. The dawn of anticipation forms the most soothing pillow for a restless head. The intelligence of any discussion diminishes with the square of the number of participants.

Mr.Zakeria, we advise you to reserve jud! gment until you have all the evidence. Then draw the conclusi! on. Dum p it or keep it. Your vision is the promise of what you will be one day. When I see false unionist talking about Somali Nationalism or unity of Somalia. I chuckle and howl with laughter, an out loud funny laugh. Instantly identify myself as an angelic person, hijacked by barbarian bandits. Our hearts are not thumping, our heads are not pounding, and we have not shaken with fear or emotion. We disown and condemn every faith, doctorine, principle, or agenda that may associate us with any brand name manufactured in your hate – industry. The right fit for the right reason. Any time means no time. I can see your lips shaking with anger and your arms flailing with every heated word that you have applied for. What will you do? Shoot me. Kill me. That is the only language you can understand. But if you like peace and stability. Take a phoneless cord and speak with a false unionist like yourself. Human blood is always red, but yours has many colors. Good bye with ! a kiss and a ring.

Yusuf Deyr, Hargeisa


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